AGCNigeria launches Free Android App for Checking Drug Interactions

AGCNigeria is in the business of medication safety. It is in the core of our values to build solutions that ensure that medications dispensed / administered by health professionals and medications being used by patients are as safe as possible. This is one of the reasons why GenRx was created. GenRx, the desktop app that helps community and hospital pharmacies manage inventory, sales, receipts and accounts is also capable of auto-detecting drug expiration, drug interactions and drug overdose before medication is dispensed to patients, thereby, ensuring medication safety.

As an extension to this, AGCNigeria developed an Android app that health professionals can use to check for drug interactions and verify if the combination is safe for use by the patient before dispensing / administering the drugs. AGCNigeria offers this android app for FREE to all health professionals.

So, you can head to to download the APK file for FREE and install on your mobile phone or EXE file for Windows.

How to use the app:
1. First, go to to download the APK file.
2. Install the app on your mobile phone and launch it.
3. Register on the app by inputting your details (name, email, profession...) and submit.
4. Search and select the drugs you wish to check for drug interactions and submit. The result will be displayed instantly if there are drug interactions or not.
5. The app will also suggest additional resources for you to read about any/all the drugs you have inputted.

It is that easy! GenRx drug interaction checker is much less data intensive compared to other drug interactions app like MedScape which requires lots of heavy updates and downloads.

Download and install the app. Kindly send us your feedback . We will appreciate it.
Also, if you find the app very useful, do share with your friends, especially your medical colleagues.

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