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GenRx is the flagship product from AGCNigeria – the innovative medical software company in Nigeria.

The application started as an idea in the mind of a 400 level pharmacy student burdened with the need to make a difference after learning in class the devastating results of wrong drug combinations prevalent especially among those who self-medicate. With his skills in computer programming, GenRx was born. It became his final year thesis after which his university’s campus pharmacy (Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife, Nigeria) adopted the software for operations. Since then, lots of pharmacies have followed suit.

GenRx is a POS application for pharmacy and hospitals that not only effectively manages drug inventory and accounts, but also, manages drugs expiration, detects drug interactions and overdose.

The functions of GenRx are highlighted below:

1. Automatic calculation of profit from sales based on cost price of drug/drug products

2. Capable of managing expenditure, staff salary and consumables

3. Capable of generating Profit and Loss Statement of Account

4. Possesses an in-built calculator with three (3) memory banks which can be used during an on-going transaction

5. Processes Prescriptions, detects overdose in prescriptions and prints drug label (optional)

6. Provides relevant drug information at the point of sale about drug usage, safety and administration

7. Detects drug-drug interaction(s) between drugs/drug products and notifies the salesperson and/or pharmacist for immediate review

8. Provides relevant details about dosage regimen of drugs/drug products at the point of sale

9. Capable of keeping customer’s contact details, patient clinical data/medication history

10. Manages Expired Products

11. Manages Products Close to Expiration

12. Manages Re-order Products

13. Restricted admin access and admin password

14. Admin access to adjust unit, price, quantity, expiry date and name of product

15. Admin access to register and manage salesperson(s)/staff

16. Admin access to account and supplier details

17. Flexible admin ability to check and sort transaction history by period, salesperson and customer’s name

18. Sales restricted with salesperson username and password

19. Automatic calculation of customer’s cost and balance (from amount received)

20. Automatic calculation of daily sales of salesperson(s)

21. Easy receipt printing and transaction-number tracking

22. Adaptable networking from admin system to unlimited salesperson(s) systems

23. Adaptable for networking across regional locations/branches

24. Functional changes can be made to suit your taste and business set-up

And lots more...

GenRx price is the cheapest anywhere in the world. Market survey reveals that foreign software products available are very expensive. Most of these software products can not detect drug interactions and overdose like GenRx does.

Therefore, GenRx is quality at an affordable price.

GenRx, is an all-in-one affordable computer application that offers easy productivity, improved sales processing and medication safety.

Make a wise choice today; computerize your pharmacy/hospital with GenRx so as to increase your sales/income and ensure medication safety during dispensing of drugs.

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  • Posted by Muomah Hilary

    Its high time we became globalized in our mode of operation. Thank you for the birth of software that understands the peculiarities of our environment and functions to bridge that need gap.