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Following the launch of a revolutionary health enterprise app (GenRx) by AGCNigeria, another product is launched –

Synapses, in anatomy/physiology, are tiny microscopic spaces between neuronal terminals in the brain where information is share between neurons via neurotransmitters in the form of electrochemical impulses.
AGCNigeria brings you Professional Synapse for Medics –

ProSynapses is a search engine for medical professionals. ProSynapses' mission is delivering useful, accurate and updated health info from around the globe to your fingertips.

In simple words, ProSynapses is your optimized portal to all things medical…

ProSynapses started as an idea in the founder’s mind during his final year in pharmacy school (Obafemi Awolowo University). It was difficult finding African related research for his final year thesis through the world’s largest search engine Google. This was obviously due to Google’s algorithm of ranking search results, which was not in favor of African generated data as it ranked foreign data as more relevant. And so, he decided to develop a search engine which would be void of this bias and would focus mainly on medical data and research.

ProSynapses is building a huge search index. As at the time of this post, it has over 70k+ relevant indexed pages and it is rapidly expanding. There is room for huge improvement in its algorithm and indexing. Nonetheless, it is equally effective as it reaches its objective of making African relevant research and data readily available.

AGCNigeria invites pharmacists, medical doctors, physiotherapists, nurses, medical laboratory scientists, radiographers, dietitians, medical record officers, etc, no matter your area of practice, whether hospital, community, academicians, administration, etc, as long as you are in the medical field, to try out the search engine and compare your results to Google’s result.

Kindly share your feedback with us. Thanks.

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ProSynapses :: Your optimized portal to all things medical…

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